Following on from the previous issue of Science of Beauty, we look forward to covering the next 5 emerging skin care product trends for 2018 and options you could use to package your product and take advantage of, while these products are hot.

Recently published in the UK, Bazaar magazine, were the 6 to 10 top beauty trends of 2018.

  1. Gender Neutral Products – in the past it was all about a men’s range and a women’s range and packaging being tailored to the specific sex. This was done by looking at the demographic and selecting colours, functions, fragrances and benefits that appeal. In 2018 expect to see many more brands moving back to having gender neutral products or products that either men or women feel comfortable to use. As packaging professionals we start looking at colours and designs that can work for both markets. This especially appeals to many brands as they can consolidate their number of lines and get benefits of scale and appeal.


  1. 2018 is the time to get active or at least launch products that work for active and healthy consumers. Seen as a big trend this year, it involves coming up with products that work in this space that still fit within the beauty space. The products can be anything from a pre-workout beauty product such as make-up to use while working out, or a product to form part of the post-workout beauty regime. From the packaging side we address transportability, functionality, and as always the overall look. The product has to look great not only on shelf but also when the target consumer pulls the product out of their gym bag!


  1. Tech gadgets for women are going to be seen more and more in the beauty space. As technology is increasing the convenience of gadgets to help consumers with their daily beauty needs will be released at a quicker speed than what we have seen in the past. When appealing to the male market a gadget can really sell, but for a gadget aimed at a female demographic, it will really have to be packaged well in a nice box with great artwork and functionality to help with the desire for the product. In the last 12 months at Weltrade Packaging, our custom designed boxes suit specific needs, whether that be a beauty treatment process, or for packaging high end tech beauty items as it has grown by over 300%. Always think the iPhone box and the thought that goes into it prior to a new launch.


  1. Watch for the return of the ingredients that have been done in the past and come back bigger and better and in many new and exciting forms. In 2018, Cannabis based skin care is tipped to be back. With recent legalisation in LA, and the health benefits of the oils gaining mainstream media share we expect to see more brands looking to reformulate using the oils in their products. For us we work with a few brands already, and it works in well, when we can help brand’s lower their carbon footprint through the use of recycled post-consumer resin in their packaging for products or if we can use one of our bioplastic packaging items created from sugarcane. Not only does this help the brand communicate a green message but also ensures their packaging is still durable, safe and 100% recyclable.


  1. The last major topic that was tipped for 2018 is drive for weightless foundations or water based foundations that don’t look to hide complexions but rather show off the natural skin tones even if the formula highlights the best parts. A recent stat that stood out was that Pinterest are reporting a 378% increase in searches for “complexion matching”. Expect easy to apply and the requirements for large ranges of colour options.


We would really like your feedback on trends that you see playing out with your products and your target demographics. Our team understands the amount of time that goes into making your products and we really like working on making you have access to options that really give you a point of difference.

We are always looking at the next new trend, we visit tradeshows around the world and monitor and discuss new releases with our clients. Reach out to us today and see our point of difference, and how we will help you with a stress-free approach to beauty packaging.