We understand that deciding on the packaging for your products may seem daunting, however at Weltrade Packaging we are here to help you along that process. We have come up with a short list of questions that you should ask yourself before choosing the right packaging for your brand. 

1. What Type of Packaging & Material

At Weltrade Packaging we manufacture a wide range of cosmetic and wellness products to suit all different applications. One big important step is choosing your main packaging type, we can supply anything from Bottles, Jars, Tubes & Pouches. Furthermore it is also important to decide on what material you would like these to be made from. Some options to choose from are PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, Glass. To decide on what material to use, you should first ask your formulator or chemist if they are using any ingredients that could react to a certain type of plastic. For example, essential oils react to polyethylene and cause the plastic to disform and discolour.

2. Functionality

The next very important factor to consider when deciding on your packaging is the functionality between the product and packaging. Is it better to use a flip top cap over a screw cap, or a treatment pump over a lotion pump? For example, you would not put a cream inside a glass dropper bottle, nor would you use a fine mist spray with a serum. The packaging has to function well with your product and for your consumer, otherwise you will quickly get complaints and lose sales. When deciding on the functionality of your packaging, we recommend conducting a wide range of stability tests. 

3. Aesthetic

After deciding on the packaging type/material and functionality, you can start thinking about the aesthetics of your packaging. You will need to consider what finish you are after, certain plastics will have different finishes, PET will be gloss, whereas HDPE will matte. This is also your chance to decide on the colour, if you would like it to be printed or labelled and you will need time to start working on the design. At Weltrade Packaging you have the choice to use any pantone colour on your packaging.

4. Sustainability

Sustainable packaging is increasingly becoming more important and demanded by many brands and consumers. With the current environmental issues worldwide plastics and packaging is drawing a lot of attention. The Australian Government has also recently released targets that companies will need to adhere to by 2025 (you can find out more about this by visiting our website). 

At Weltrade Packaging the majority of all our plastics are fully recyclable in standard recycle streams. Further to this we also offer a range of different sustainable packaging options for brands who want to take that one step further. Our sustainable options currently include Biodegradable, rPET, PCR, Sugarcane Bioplastic and Ocean Waste plastic. We are continuing to explore new sustainable options to offer to our customers. 

5. QTY  & Leadtime

When deciding on your packaging it is important to be realistic with how much you are going to purchase, is it 100 or is it 10,000? If it is small quantities you would most likely have to buy stock from a company that supplies this, there are quite a few stockists that sell blank white/black bottles that can be labelled. Most made to order packaging starts from 5k -10k units, due to long setup times for custom colours and printing. 

If you are wanting to launch in 4 weeks, this is unachievable with custom made to order packaging. We like to advise at least 4 months when starting new packaging. You need to leave time for design, pre-production samples, testing, production/delivery.

If you have any questions on deciding on the right options for your packaging please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we look forward to hearing from you.