BREAKING NEWS: Cosmetic Packaging that BIODEGRADES in landfill WLL be a game changer

At Weltrade Packaging we don’t like to sit on our hands and do just the bear minimum, we like to be ahead of the curve in terms of sustainable packaging for the cosmetic and wellness industries.

Since our inception over 15 years ago, we have coached our clients on the importance of recyclability, providing alternatives, education and encouragement to look past products that wont be accepted in curb side recycling programs and are not BPA free, and offered ‘greener’ alternatives.

We have been working with bioplastics derived from plant based ethanol for over two years. Our sugar cane polyethylene tubes have come a long way with testing and now allow for aggressive ingredient reaction with the incorporation of an EVOH oxygen barrier to stop gasses from forming and discolouring. Meaning they work great for sunscreens and other applications.

When brands like Coke and Nestle said they were moving to PCR (post-consumer resin) for their packaging, we had been doing it with our clients for over 18 months. The number speak for themselves, consumer driven, increased unit sales even at slightly higher unit prices. Our resins are reclaimed packaging that could have possibly ended up in landfill or ocean waste. The ratio of PCR to virgin plastic material has increased consistently to make sure the functionality and colouris not lost as a result of a higherrecycledcontent.

Packaging reduction was also a real push for brands, to look at ways of reducing the amount of their packaging through better design and lighter parts. We introduced pouches and made sure that the packaging is as sustainable as could be and offered recycled paper as a component of our kraft paper pouches.

What we have not been able to counter in the last 25 year in the industry is the amount of goods that are actually recycled in Australia. Latest figures put the percentage around 13% of total plastic goods are recycled. Despite our best efforts, 87% goes into landfill or the ocean waste.

Mid last year we came across a technology that allows an additive to be added to our normal packaging. This additive does not discolour the base material, it does not taint or alter the chemical stability. It does not affect the functionality of flip top or disc top or tamper evident caps/closures and it can be added to most types of plastics such as PET, HDPE and PP.

What this additive does is that it revolutioniseswhat happens to the packaging when it goes into waste. The 87% that was discarded and was sitting in landfill for over 100 years for our children’s children to deal with, with extensive testing and independent laboratory trials we can now supply packaging that will biodegrade in land fill in a much shorter timeframe. Not only will it break down all commercial packaging resins, it also leaves no micro plastics.

Depending on the style of landfill management the items can break down in as little as 6 years.  The costs implication of around 12% allow any responsible brand to take a stand and make sure their packaging is not left here for future generations.

We will be publishing the independent findings and more technical information on our website, but it really is time to have a conversation with our team now and take action to deal with packaging responsibly, through recycling, recycled, reducing and NOW bio-degrading. For more information please visit or give us a call on 07 55970102.