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Wow 2019, marking my 25 years in packaging for the beauty, skin care and wellness industries.

Again, just in a flash Christmas and New Year are just a distant memory. Last year when we discussed the global beauty and cosmetic trends for 2018, it received such a positive response and helped many of you, so we decided to do it again. Looking at the upcoming trends and what we already see happening, we are excited for 2019!

Another Push for Sustainability.

2018 saw the plastic bag ban and movement towards plastic straws being removed as the increasingly conscious consumer are encouraging their favourite brands to be more environmentally responsible with their formulation and packaging.

At Weltrade Packaging we promoted tubes in single and multi-layer post-consumer recycled resin (PCR up to 45%). Brands have taken to this across the market from skin care, hair care, tanning, and make up brands. This trend is continually picking up momentum and it won’t take long until you will be left out if you are not looking to these options.

We also released our bottles and tubes made from plant based plastic. Our bioplastic polyethylene is derived 100% from sugar cane is 100% recyclable in standard recycling streams and uses no fossil materials. We made some major advances in the options for barrier tubes to a place where the consumer sees and feels the packaging as a replica of our standard tube, while the brand can lower their carbon footprint.

In the next twelve months at Weltrade Packaging we won’t be standing still. We will continue to push for smarter renewable options, look to produce quality minimal packaging with our brands and spend more on research and development on new materials and testing to help our customers.

Get it streamlined

Expect even more streamlined packaging design this year, in appearance and production. The minimalist approach is still popular and we help satisfy your consumers hunger for knowledge of what is in their favorite products while maintaining visual aesthetics.

We have been designing new moulds for customers wanting more efficient decoration area and greater shelf presence to compliment classic printing options.

Beauty and Wellness will continue to congregate together

Expect 2019 to be the year that this really explodes, more and more beauty brands releasing supplements, the boundary between beauty and wellness blurring and making beauty a holistic approach of quality products.

We looked at Wellness 2+ years ago and have built options for a wide range of cosmetic looking wellness packaging with the majority manufactured right here in Queensland.

With so many brands releasing and formulating new products that will provide positive effects for their consumers, we are really excited by the science in this space!

Small “indie” brands getting bigger

 We are seeing this across so many industries: Skin Care, Wellness, Micro Beer Breweries… Smaller brands are taking on the big guys with their fast moving approach to social media through Instagram and YouTube.

Some of the key advantages we see for smaller brands are they can formulate instant fixes to beauty challenges, they can use more natural and unique ingredients and bring their products to market quickly. The challenge for larger brands to do customization or personalization is quite difficult as they are restricted by large production runs. As consumers crave personalized products more and more smaller brands are really able to take advantage of this.

There will be a normal evolution of larger brands buying smaller brands to help them enter this market and this goes well for the entrepreneur that is building their skin care business in this space right now.

Premium Packaging

 You’ve heard ‘sex sells’. In our field if the packaging does not look good, is run of the mill or  replicated in stores across the country then you will find you are up against a challenge.

We have helped so many brands in the last 25 years get established and expand their market both in Australia and overseas by standing out from the crowd. We understand the value of making packaging look great and hitting the price point.

In 2019 expect to see more premium packaging that appeals to the consumer but also meets the key benchmarks of the other trends for 2019 – Socially responsible, streamlined, fits with wellness applications, presents exceptionally well on social media while holding it’s own in traditional retail channels.

The first quarter for any year is the time to plan, develop, create and commence. We stand ready to help you along the way with your new products, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us! [email protected]