Just like that the year is at the end, I know I say this every year but somehow the years seem to be going quicker and quicker. It has been an interesting year for our industry and packaging supply, not so much issues with supply of raw material or finished goods but there were new issues that emerged this year with freight. Longer lead times and container price increases were the major disturbance for cosmetic packaging however we are hoping that this improves throughout 2022. 

I hope you have enjoyed Weltrade Packaging’s articles throughout 2021, we are always trying to innovate and educate our readers. This leads me to our next topic of glass packaging. At Weltrade Packaging we have always specialised in made to order plastic packaging for various industries. We are happy to announce that we now also specialise in custom made to order glass packaging primarily for skincare & cosmetics. 

Glass packaging is a great alternative to standard plastic packaging for a few different reasons.

First off you can achieve a higher retail price point. Glass packaging gives the perception of luxury due to its sturdiness and weight. It does have a higher cost than standard PET or HDPE plastic, so you would not generally use it for a low cost item, however its cost to what you can sell your end retail product is well worth it. 

In terms of aesthetics the options are limitless. With our glass packaging it is all custom made, which means you can have your glass packaging coloured in any pantone colour. You can have the finish in gloss or matte, tinted, opaque or clear. Finally we can also direct silk screen print and/or hot stamp (foil) directly onto our glass packaging which means you do not have to spend extra money and time on labels that may come off. Brands that customise their glass packaging in terms of design have seen an increase of sales up to 70% from those brands who just purchase stock. 

Another great perk of glass is its sustainable aspect, consumers are continually getting more savvy and are demanding packaging that is environmentally friendly which glass is a great solution due to its high recyclability. Gone are the days where you can sell packaging that is no longer recyclable, even the Australian government have release targets up and to 2025 which brands will have to abide by. 

Why buy glass from us at Weltrade Packaging?

The most important reason we recommend buying glass packaging through us is because we produce machine made glass, rather than hand made glass. There are plenty of manufacturers that supply hand made glass, which are fragile and unevenly blown. Machine made glass ensures that you receive well made high quality glass that will not break easily and is consistent throughout the manufacture run. 

With our glass we provide all our options with a MOQ of just 10k units, furthermore, if you have multiple skus we can then split the printing into smaller quantities. We make sure when we produce it we will deliver it FIS wherever you want

At Weltrade Packaging we primarily supply glass packaging for cosmetics and skincare. We can provide a range of glass droppers in different shapes, such as boston, square shoulder, rectangular, square and more. Other glass products we can provide are glass jars and standard bottles with fine mist spray/pumps/screw caps up to 200ml. 

If you have any questions regarding our glass packaging please don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call. On behalf of Weltrade Packaging we want to wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas, we hope you take a well deserved break and we are looking forward to providing you with more content to read in 2022.