Just like that, we are already halfway through the year, for this month’s article we thought we would touch on the cosmetic packaging trends we have been seeing so far in 2021 and what we expect for 2022. As we continue to grow we are seeing more and more brands currently asking for similar items, so we summed them up to the top 5

Biodegradable Packaging

The most enquiries we are receiving at the moment and probably the biggest shift we are seeing with our current clients is the push for sustainable packaging, in particular our biodegradable packaging. Since our inception over 15 years ago, we have coached our clients on the importance of recyclability, providing alternatives, education and encouragement to look past products that won’t be accepted in curbside recycling programs and are not BPA free, and offered ‘greener’ alternatives. The Australian Government has also recently published a plastics packaging plan with sustainable targets all brands must adhere to by 2025. (You can find out more about the Packaging Plan on our website).

What our biodegradable packaging does is that it revolutionises what happens to the packaging when it goes into waste. It is estimated that 87% of Australian recycled plastic will end up in landfill and this will sit there for over 100 years for our children’s children to deal with. With extensive testing and independent laboratory trials we can now supply packaging that will biodegrade in landfill in an estimated 6-10 years. Not only will it break down all commercial packaging resins, it also leaves no micro plastics. For the 13% of packaging that will get recycled, our biodegradable packaging is still fully recyclable.

Refillable Packaging

A major trend that we are currently seeing, especially with ecommerce brands, is that they are adopting a “subscription” based model. The consumer will buy a product on a subscription at a discounted price and get a new product sent to them on a regular basis. Brands are taking this one step further and are offering the subscription products with reusable packaging. The brand will resend the product, but with scaled down packaging, e.g in a pouch or refillable bottle. There are a few benefits to this, such as reducing costs of packaging & improvement with sustainability.

Streamlined Packaging

Expect even more streamlined packaging designs this year, in appearance and production. The minimalist approach is still popular and we help satisfy your consumers hunger for knowledge of what is in their favorite products while maintaining visual aesthetics. We have been designing new moulds for customers wanting more efficient decoration area and greater shelf presence to compliment classic printing options. A lot more brands are also shifting towards standard PET, PE or PP plastic packaging and are avoiding plastics suchs as AS, Acrylic, PETG premium thick plastics, due to sustainability.

Airless Packaging Systems

In airless packaging systems, the product is isolated from the air. In addition, the dosage expelled with each stroke of the actuator is approximately equal to the amount of product contained in the pump body. There are several forms of airless systems. However, in this context it is important to note that by the term airless, we mean that the product is separated from the surrounding air by a barrier that prevents its ingress.

However, despite benefits, sometimes the choice of airless packaging comes down to pure necessity. Given the increased interest in lower preservative formulations and paraben-free options, airless systems can then become necessary packaging considerations. Today’s airless systems also communicate brand prestige and increased value. Like most packaging, it is a matter of scale as to whether or not the higher cost of an airless package for purely aesthetic purposes justifies the investment compared to lower cost alternatives.

Recyclable Pumps & Sprays

Now that there are plenty of sustainable options for bottles, jars and cosmetic tubes we are starting to see a push for recyclable pumps & sprays and expect the demand for this to grow in 2022. Current spray/pump dispensers are not recyclable due to them being made of many different materials PP, PE, Metal Springs etc, which means after use they are currently being sent straight to landfill. Weltrade Packaging is currently investigating different options regarding this and it will be a topic of discussion in due course.

We would really like your feedback on trends that you see playing out with your products and your target demographics. Our team understands the amount of time that goes into making your products and we really like working on making you have access to options that really give you a point of difference.

We are always looking at the next new trend, we visit trade shows around the world and monitor and discuss new releases with our clients. Reach out to us today and see our point of difference, and how we will help you with a stress-free approach to your cosmetic & wellness packaging.