2022 is in full swing and with a new year comes new packaging trends within the cosmetics industry. There’s no doubt consumers have placed self care at the top of their priority list as a response to the long-term pandemic, and an essential part of self care is found within the beauty industry.

Less is More

Sustainable packaging continues to dominate the industry, as statistics show that more than half of consumers worldwide take sustainability into consideration before buying a product. Leaving businesses switching to biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and now a more minimalistic approach to their design.

One trend to look out for in 2022 is taking a more sustainable approach towards the use of materials. As businesses focus on using materials that serve a purpose and steer away from using excess product when creating their packaging. The trend involves simplifying features and embracing natural looking product art, free from complicated visuals and clutter.

Taking the ‘Less is More’ approach engages consumers without distractions, helping to clearly communicate your brand’s story through the packaging design.

If you’re thinking of taking the ‘less is more’ approach towards your brand, take a look at our Sustainable Packaging Options page for more information. 

Custom Molds

It’s no surprise that the beauty and wellness industry is over saturated with the same packaging styles. Creating your own unique design may help your product stand out from the crowd, and it’s not as expensive as you may think. You might be surprised at how this small change can transform your packaging.

The most feasible way to achieve a unique look is by transforming a stock item. This will save having to undergo the financial burdens of creating a new one. If you want to create a completely unique shape for your brand, or you don’t see a stock mold that fits your design, Weltrade Packaging has the capabilities to design and create a custom shape in either a bottle, jar or cap.

There are 3 different molding processes we will look at to determine the best process fit to your design, whether that be Extrusion Blow molding, Injection molding or 2 stage PET molding.

If the idea of Creating a Custom Mold sounds like the next step for your brand, give us a call, or if you’re still weighing up whether a custom mold will help your brand, take a look at the Benefits of Creating your Personal Custom Mold for your packaging 

Revealing Packaging

Foundation and concealer products practically require transparent packaging for consumers to best match their shade, and now skin care and pharmaceutical brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

We are noticing an increase in frosted and clear packaging with minimal printed text or labels, especially with glass bottles and jars. Having fluorescent orange serum or bright blue vitamins on display through clear or frosted packaging will give off an enticing yet intriguing effect.

Consumers are looking out for more natural, organic ingredients, and are tired of mislabeled products. Giving off a sneak peak forces you to stick to your word and build trust with your customer.

Have a look at our different Transparent Bottles and Transparent Jars options and get in contact to discuss what packaging option will work best with your product.

Bold Colours

The pandemic has forced consumers to shop their favourite beauty necessities online, encouraging brands to move towards more aesthetically pleasing designs, keeping the customer engaged. Over the past year, beiges and pale pastels have taken over the cosmetic industry, with the intent of designing products to be aesthetically pleasing and more ‘instagrammable’.

Brands are always looking for new ways to stand out in the digital space and bold colours are doing just that. With the industry filled with beiges and pale pinks, a bold green bottle will catch your eye, helping your brand stand out online and in physical stores.

Expect to see 2022 filled with brands releasing fun, colourful and bold packaging. If bold coloured packaging sounds like a fit to your brand and you’re needing a hand executing your design, our Packaging Design Brief may be a step in the right direction.