We are more than half-way through what has been an exciting year for Weltrade Packaging, and  we are proud to announce that we have received our HACCP certification. Since we have started manufacturing on-site at our facility on the Gold Coast, we have had existing customers and new enquiries asking: “Are you HACCP certified?”

We have listened to our customers and worked for 12 months to design processes, train our staff members, and implement the processes. We proudly earned our HACCP certification in February 2022. This month’s article will look at HACCP, the importance of this standard in the production of your packaging.

What is HACCP?

HACCP, an acronym for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, is a concept that was first developed in the 1960s by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to ensure crumb- and pathogen-free food that had extensive shelf-life properties for space travel—the first pathogen monitoring and measurement requirement imposed on the food industry*. Since then, it has grown in an international standard for the food industry to ensure that the world population is supplied with safe and high-quality food. The HACCP organisation assesses a manufacturer’s commitment to food safety; ability to identify hazards, prevent, eliminate, or reduce risks as well as establishing corrective actions and verification procedures. 

Why should your supplier be HACCP certified?

The beauty industry is no longer just about high quality creams and gels to use on the outside of the body for beauty purposes.

One of the major recent trends of the beauty industry, has been focusing on the importance of food products and supplements to keep a healthy lifestyle and skincare. Food products such as vitamin & mineral tablets; protein powder; collagen powder and water are now an integral part of the beauty industry. The Australian food industry requires HACCP certification to ensure that food manufacturers are providing safe, low-risk and quality food products. The packaging supplied also needs to be assessed to ensure the quality is provided all the way.

Having a packaging supplier that is HACCP approved means that we dive deeper into the packaging than just a vessel to contain your product. We ensure that we use food certified resins to make your packaging, thus making sure there is no heavy metal impact leaching into your creams. Our staff are trained on BPA and if it is contained in the packaging you choose and alternatives they are open to you.

Weltrade Packaging, Beauty and HACCP specialists!

Weltrade Packaging is renowned as a reliable personal care packaging company, we understand the importance of good looking quality packaging.  What you may not know is that we also pride ourselves in the manufacturing of food packaging made in our Gold Coast manufacturing facility. From protein jars, supplement powder jars, tablet bottles, water bottles, spice jars and more. While we were already ISO certified, the HACCP certification provides confidence around food safe packaging; it improves our efficiency, reduces waste and more importantly: training our employees and providing them processes and tools to maintain good quality packaging.

We also ensure that we conduct high standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and our Quality Assurance team ensures that all staff including packers, warehouse, sales, and office team comply with our certification. We want to provide peace of mind regarding food safety practices to our current and future customers.

We look forward to hearing from you in the food and personal care industry and how we can help you achieve safe and high quality packaging for your consumers. 

*REF: National Library of Medicine / Article: History, development, and current status of food safety systems worldwide by Margaret D Weinroth, Aeriel D Belk, and Keith E Belk, published online 2018 Aug 30.