Recently we filmed a video for our packaging vlog on the benefits of premium packaging and how it helps you achieve a higher retail price point.

We regularly meet with clients that want to be able to sell a “hero” product or a group of products at a higher retail price point to the rest of their range. Whether that be due to their individual benefits or specialized ingredients that do a little bit extra for their consumer.

When ready to take your product to market, you will need to communicate the benefits of your product through your various marketing channels but the fact is

if the packaging is not up to standard the price point won’t be achieved.

Our process is a detailed pipeline, we meet with you, either over the phone or in person and set up your brief including the purpose and your desired retail price point. We then present solutions based on function, materials and overall look. Just like how you would dress up to go out, we go through the alternatives to “dress up” the packaging.

This month’s article will look at our premium packaging options, we explain how a little more investment in packaging will help convey the value to your customer.

Premium Airless

Be it a serum or cream, one of our high end airless options can push your unit perceived value significantly higher. We work with formulators and brand owners for the cosmeceutical style products where the RRP per ml can be up around $4 to $6. Nothing less than a premium package will ensure satisfaction by the customer.

These bottles, while not being deceptive, have weight and size on their side and when we then add in foiling, screen printing, colouring, and or frosting the end result is a desirable product that looks and feels great.

The shape, material, and our variety of dispensing methods means the user experience is one that will help bring in repeat business for you over and over again.

Premium Jars

Whether you are looking for a glass replacement, double wall solution that is premium but unbreakable, or a recyclable premium package. We have a range that is suitable to any demographic. Our team will present the best packaging for your needs and then work with you to make it look great through printing, metal sleeved lids, hot foil stamping and more alternatives, so you stand out!

Tubes, Bottles

Sometimes function becomes the main factor in determining the primary packaging, if a tube is the best solution, we would present a variety of finishes, pumps and cap styles to help you achieve your goal of a higher price point.

Alternatively, you may have a lotion that isn’t the viscosity to work with airless or is too thin to work with a tube, a traditional lotion bottle with pump or fine mist spray may be most suitable. At Weltrade we have metal free contact sprays and pumps and can then decorate with highly detailed designs or with metal sleeves, again dressing up your packaging to fit the price point.

Once your primary packaging is determined, we get to work on the secondary packaging, with purpose built customised unit cartons or treatment set boxes. All of a sudden you have a package that complements the formulation and will have consumers wanting to try it.

The packaging options are endless, it can be daunting when you see what is out there, not only to select but to ensure the end result will hit the mark. That’s where a proven, trusted packaging partner is the ultimate investment.

Our team is experienced, ready and willing to help you through the process. Don’t hesitate to reach out as there are no silly questions. Speak soon.