As you may already know at Weltrade Packaging we specialise in Beauty & Wellness packaging. We provide brands and contract fillers with creative custom solutions or the option to tweak one of our many proprietary packaging options to get exactly the look and features they need for their packaging. We are a specialist in manufacturing and supplying today’s most innovative, high quality plastic packaging to hair, skin, beauty, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Our mission statement “is to develop groundbreaking, problem solving solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s needs”.

At the beginning of 2019 we opened up our own manufacturing facility onsite at the Gold Coast, this is where our office, showroom and machinery is now all located. This move allowed us to supply packaging to a range of new industries, which now include Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare, Supplements and Pharmaceuticals. 

With sustainability being a major focus of ours we installed large 20kw solar panels to lower our carbon footprint. These solar panels supply sufficient energy to help run our office and factory’s machinery power demands. We also installed LED lighting throughout our office due to their high energy efficiencies. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our workplace more environmentally friendly. We currently have multiple different PET machines installed at our factory, with both automatic and semi-automatic capabilities. 

The plastic packaging we make onsite is known as two stage PET blow moulding. The process involves starting with the importing of the PET raw material (pre-forms). The pre-forms look similar to a test tube. We then heat the preforms up to 110°c, blow and stretch them into the desired shape by use of a mould and then the packaging is packed onto pallets to be delivered to the manufacturer or brand. 

The 3 style machines we use are: 

DY5000 is our 5L Full automatic machine, producing around 600 units per hour we produce the majority of our wide mouth jar range on this machine and transport up and down the eastern seaboard. The largest jar we can make in this machine is our 6.5L jar. 

DY2000 is our Full automatic bottle and jar machine that can produce at 2000 units per hour. For bottles and jars up to 500ml we produce a wide range or 28mm, 38mm and 63mm shapes in standard PET and sustainable plastics for therapeutics, food and supplement products.

Semi-Automatic is for our smaller order needs but can make up to a 5.3L jar. This allows products to be made for brands that don’t have the volume for full automatic production.

There are quite a few benefits of two-stage PET blow moulding, number one is that it is cost effective.  With a set up cost starting under $5000 for a custom made shape, we provide our customers with the opportunity to enter the market with a shape that is unique to them which is much for affordable than single stage pet blow moulding. 

We also can offer a range of sustainable PET material with our processes. PET is fully recyclable but we also offer up to 100%  rPET (recycled PET plastic) as well as Biodegradable PET. You can find out more about our sustainable options from previous articles or visiting our website. 

We are continuing to add more into our product range to grow our Australian made packaging capabilities as much as possible. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat regarding your packaging please don’t hesitate to reach out!