With Amazon entering the online retail market in Australia, a number of beauty brands are pushing to get their products listed on their platform.

One of the key requirements that Amazon require, is that the packaging must be tamper evident.

Aside from consumers knowing if the product has been tampered with, it ensures the seal is intact until it reaches their home.

Recently at WeltradePackaging.com.au we produced a video on the various tamper evident options that are available for your product. This is to ensure you can comply with various rules and regulations, as well as to make your consumers feel safe in the knowledge that someone has not contaminated your creams or lotions with something foreign.

In this article we will cover four great options that can seal any type of packaging. 

Break off Tamper Band Caps

These have been around for years and have been widely used within the food and pharmaceutical industry. The caps are screwed on with a detachable band locking onto the neck of the container. The consumer either turns the cap to break the band away from the body of the cap or pulls a tab to tear the band away (think food cream bottles). Both of these alternatives will show if the package has been opened previously.

For beauty this application works but most cap options are not so cosmetic in appearance.

Bottles and jars require the neck to be made specifically to work with these caps, so while there is a lot of options for food and medicinal products there isn’t much that fits brand managers brief to show off their products in a way that the consumer will find attractive.

Pressure Sensitive Wad

An easy wad/gasket application that keeps the product fresh until removed and can be put into almost any cap. The wad has an adhesive that sticks to the neck of the bottle or jar and does not require any special equipment to apply. These wads are usually printed “sealed for your protection”, the consumer peels away and can use the product as they normally would.

These are great for dry product applications such as powder style products. The downside is that even though many brands use these in liquid applications the wad adhesive is not designed for liquids and liquids can dissolve the adhesive stopping it from working as a tamper evident solution.

Induction Seal or Foil seal

A tamper evident seal that is commonly used is a foil induction seal. These work for both liquids and dry products. It uses a foil membrane that when used with an induction foiling machine seals the foil to the surface of the bottle, the jar or tube.

The consumer simply peels back the seal and uses your product. It is a great solution that works with many closures, however you do need an induction sealing machine (although these come in automatic and semi-automatic options for a reasonable investment.) Also check with your packaging professional that the correct foil is being used for the bottle material, glass, or plastic type to ensure there is good adhesion and make sure that the cap does not have a wedge seal that can cut the foil membrane.

Shrink wrap

A visible shrink wrap is also widely used as an option for viable tamper evident and in cases where there is a spray or pump involved meaning a dip tube is in the neck of the container. The shrink sleeve is applied over the package or as much of the package that needs to be shown that it has not been tampered with and then the consumer breaks and peels away.

This can allow for printed decoration, i.e branding, but even clear options are reasonable primary or secondary tamper evident packaging options.

The only downside is that this is an extra step for the filler and potentially an additional cost.

Finally, if the equipment options are limited to apply the seals or your fillers do not want to apply the seals for you, then you could invest in a small additional label to show that the item is secure.

Whatever the option or the package design you would like for your skincare or beauty product don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss, our team is experienced in all the options and we look forward to working with you to resolve your packaging needs.

We look forward to discussing you packaging today.