The industry for cosmetic packaging is forever changing and after being in this business for nearly 25 years, I am really amazed by the challenges, but also the evolution of packaging for beauty products that is released every year.

Even more in 2018 the move to environmentally friendly packaging options has been amazing to see and to be a part of. Brands large and small have become even more socially aware and want to look at ways to convey their responsible green image. At Weltrade Packaging we used to only offer recyclable packaging, however we went further this year and released a number of options including bioplastic tubes and bottles made from polyethylene derived from sugarcane, plus a wide range of options of tubes and bottles made from recycled post consumer plastics of up to 45% PCR (post consumer resin). The demand for these eco friendly options have been huge and we expect even more brands to position themselves in this space in 2019. What started this year with numerous enquiries from small brands and early adopters, it is now widely being worked on by our team and a number of multinational companies.

When it’s not just the environment, it’s almost always about the wow, with social media sales bigger than ever, we have seen brands really push their investment in packaging design. At Weltrade Packaging we covered this extensively in our newsletters and videos showing a wide range of finishes we can apply to any packaging, grabbing the consumers attention when you only have minutes to make an impact. For example, we can apply a silk screen print directly to the packaging which removes the need of a label or we can custom colour the packaging to any pantone colour to suit the brand image. Brands no longer want to have the same ‘me to’ packaging on the shelf, as we have seen a rise in the need of unique/different packaging that will make an impact. At Weltrade Packaging we also offer brands the choice to design their own packaging, we will then turn the design into a mould and produce their bottle or jar, this offers complete uniqueness as no other company will be able to have the same packaging and look.

Apart from the consumers It’s also about the social media influencers and helping them to really promote your brand to their followers which is done by enhancing the look and the texture of the package when the influencer receives your goods. The influencer will then upload a post about the product on either their Instagram, Facebook or YouTube account leaving a positive opinion about the product and telling their followers to buy it. This year we have seen a rise in the need of influencers, as for many brands it is the cheapest option to reach such a large audience.

Personally, it’s been a great year for us at Weltrade Packaging our business has grown significantly. We have attended all the major cosmetics shows around the world, supporting our customers that managed to exhibit and networking with our peers. We are working on some really big exciting things to bring to the market in the new year, so really watch this space and follow us on our social media channels to hear it first.

It’s a privilege to research and write about packaging features for the cosmetics and beauty products space and I look forward to sharing more items of interest with you next year. To the readers I wish you a safe and happy Christmas and holiday period.