I am thrilled to announce that Weltrade Packaging, the leading plastic manufacturing company on the Gold Coast, has expanded to a new facility. We have moved to a new location over three times the size of our previous one, which will enable us to produce more high-quality sustainable packaging on-site while creating more job opportunities for locals.

Weltrade Packaging is a specialist in supplying today’s most innovative, high-quality plastic packaging to cosmetic, beauty, wellness, pharmaceutical brands and product manufacturers. We supply anything from tubes, bottles, jars, pouches, closures and more.

With our recent move, we were able to purchase additional machinery and expand our facility with help from a grant from the Queensland State Government. Among the new machinery is an automated two-stage PET bagging and blow moulding machine, which will help us meet the growing demand for sustainable plastic packaging solutions. 

At Weltrade Packaging, we are committed to producing sustainable plastic packaging, including biodegradable in landfill and recycled plastic packaging. With the expansion, we will be able to increase the production of these products while maintaining the highest quality standards. Recent statistics released by an Australia Post study show that three in four consumers are looking for sustainable options when they are shopping and out of that, 21% is related to the beauty industry and 34% to groceries. 

With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly solutions, our company is poised to play a vital role in the production of sustainable plastic packaging in the region. By manufacturing biodegradable in landfill and recycled plastic packaging, we are contributing to reducing plastic waste, reducing our carbon footprint and conserving the environment. From a recent study conducted by an independent researcher and backed by ISO 14040 sources, Weltrade Packaging’s Biodegradable in Landfill rPET 500ml bottles emitted the lowest carbon emissions of 18.2g C02 when compared to other alternatives such as beverage cartons, aluminium cans and glass bottles.

Our recent expansion is also expected to bring in additional job opportunities for the local community, providing a much-needed boost to the economy. With the current economic climate, job creation is crucial in supporting individuals and families. We are now actively seeking applications for new positions, with a particular focus on hiring local factory workers and customer service staff.

The two-stage PET bagging and blow moulding machine is a significant addition to our machinery. It can produce a wide range of plastic products, including biodegradable in landfill water bottles. The machine has an automated process from stretching and blowing our preforms to shape, then automatically bagging the bottles so that they are ready to be palletised and shipped to the customer.  This ensures consistency, efficiency and quality, making it a valuable asset to our company. We also purchased and installed an additional automatic two-stage PET blow moulding jar machine. With our growth into the supplement and pharmaceutical industry, we have an increased demand from our clients wanting sustainable PET jars for protein powders, pre-workouts and vitamins. Adding this additional machine allows us to keep up with the growing demand in the industry. 

In conclusion, our expansion is a significant development for the Gold Coast plastic manufacturing industry. Our focus on sustainable plastics and job creation is at the core of our business, and we are proud to contribute to the local economy in these ways. With the addition of the new machinery and the larger facility, we are poised to play a vital role in the production of sustainable plastic packaging in the region.

If we can help you with any of your packaging needs please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 5597 0102 or visit our website https://weltradepackaging.com.au