During these current times, we have seen a lot more Australian brands start turning to local suppliers for their packaging requirements. With COVID-19 we have seen countless companies let down and out of stock of packaging, which leads to them failing to sell their products. These brands have now been coming to us at Weltrade Packaging for help. We have heard some horror stories of packaging getting delayed by 3-6 months, packaging turning up damaged, incorrect sizing, mis-printed, terrible quality and much more. As a supplier that prides itself on service and quality, we take over all your hassles and make sure you receive packaging on time and to what you expect.

At Weltrade Packaging we specialise in beauty and wellness packaging and in particular we supply made to order bottles, jars, tubes, pouches and dispensers. With both onshore and offshore manufacturing capabilities we offer custom colouring/printing and a range of different sizes and shapes to suit every need. There a countless of reasons why I believe you should deal with us for your packaging requirements, however I have made a short list of 4 below:

1. Experienced
We have been in the business for a long time, personally I have been in the packaging industry for over 26 years. Weltrade Packaging is Australian owned and has been running since 2005 and we have a well established trained team who are experts in this field. We will guide you along the whole process from pre-production phase right through to delivery of goods. Packaging your product can be a daunting experience, especially if you have not done it before. Through our experience, our team will guide you with the correct packaging that functions well and looks great.

2. Stress-Free Personalised Service
You no longer have the stresses of worry about what packaging to order, lead times, freight and logistics. We will deal with everything regarding your packaging right from the get go and deliver directly to you or your manufacturer so that you can focus on making more sales, rather than worry about your packaging.

We will be there for any questions regarding your packaging and keep you updated along the way. We believe in providing exceptional customer service with our team available via phone, email, online zoom calls as well as in person, we want you to feel comfortable and receive the type service you deserve. We will also give you access to our online customer portal that allows you to keep track of all your orders, quotes, accounts and more.

3. Quality Packaging
We pride ourselves on supplying you with packaging that is up to our standard. We have been dealing with the same factories for many years and have various quality procedures in place. We schedule annual audits of our offshore factories and have a team in Asia who regularly audits and approve finished goods.

We are an ISO 9001 approved company which means that we adhere to a well-known set of quality management standards put forward by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/ISO Compliant, that covers processes to maintain quality and strive for better service in both the offshore and Gold Coast based manufacturing plant.

4. Education
With hundreds of different resources available at the tip of your fingers we supply packaging education through online videos, articles, social media, our website and much more. We are available throughout the working week to answer any questions you may have regarding your packaging and help educate you, so that you learn about what is suitable for your product.

If you would like to start your packaging journey with Weltrade Packaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members on 07 5597 0102 or email us at info@weltradepackaging.com.au