It’s easy to customise moulds for your packaging needs, all you need is the right tools. The Beauty and Wellness Industry is swamped with the same packaging, but if you introduced a unique shape or style to your brand, you might just stumble on a gold mine.

Transforming a stock item is an efficient and easy way to achieve a unique look without having to undergo the financial burdens of designing a brand new one. All you need here is a little creativity. And it works perfectly for both small companies that don’t have much funds and the bigger ones that don’t want to create a new packaging mould from scratch.

We have the best packaging team in the business, and they are capable of designing just about anything to suit your needs.

When we work with you to design your custom shape we look at the moulding process we will be doing to make the parts for you. Whether that be Extrusion Blow Moulding, Injection moulding or 2 stage PET moulding.

The costs associated with the setup is in direct relation to the complexity of the mould, the process and the cavitation i.e. how many parts are made in each moulding cycle. The bigger the cavitation the higher the cost but this will reduce the unit cost of the item.

Moulds for Extrusion Blow Moulding

Commonly referred to blow moulding is a shell that the plastic is extruded into and then blown to the shape of the mould. Particularly used for HDPE bottles and jars the tooling is usually lower in cost allowing you to have unique features at a lower price point than other methods.

Moulds for Injection Moulding

These are used for more ridged and strong parts such as bottle caps, pump parts etc. In the Injection moulding process moulten plastic is injected into the mould and the mould cools and sets the part. It can give greater accuracy to the part and needs a more intricate cooling system, sometimes moving parts and unscrewing for threads. The set up cost for injection moulded items will be significantly more than extrusion blow moulded parts. However to add an embossed logo would require injection moulds and high cavitiation, which per unit can cost reasonable.

2 Stage PET moulds

As the name suggests the process involes 2 stages and 2 different moulds. There is the Injection mould which makes the PET Preform ie the threaded neck partand determines the weight of the product and the blow shell that the preform is placed in and blown out to shape.

We can significantly reduce set up costs for new unique PET bottles by using existing preforms and only making blow shells.

While it’s important to note that while the art and aesthetics of the design is important, the science and engineering aspect of it is also crucial. For a package to meet the right qualifications and requirements, both factors must be considered. If you focus on what the package would look like and ignore the creative process, then you’ll have a beautiful but faulty design.

That’s where working with Weltrade Packaging Solutions is a great option. We will address both aspects taking your creative ideas and transforming the design into one that will function well and efficient.

Call our sales team on 07 5597 0102 or email us on to discuss your specific needs, we are here to work with you and take the stress out of personalisied packaging.