Contractor Induction


  • Before commencing work: You must sign in with QR code at reception you are to show login screen to your Weltrade contact. After reception hours, prior to 8am or after 4.30pm please call the designated mobile phone line.
  • Visitors and contractors must thoroughly wash hands & sanitise prior to entry.
  • The site leadership team reserves the right to stop work if and when agreed the contractor/visitor (sub- contractor) violates safety, health, food safety and environmental procedures and or requirements.
  • Ensure you comply with the requirements and responsibility under the WHS act and regs
  • Ensure you comply at all times with state legislation and Weltrade policies and procedures
  • Keep your areas clean and tidy at all times
  • Do not enter packaging Production Hall unless you have been provided with the correct training and hair nets.
  • Visitors and contractors must avoid all contact with packaging materials.
  • Visitors and contractors must avoid any indirect physical contamination of packaging.
  • Visitors and contractors must advise management should, for any reason, they believe their activities may have compromised the safety of the product.
  • Food is only to be consumed in the kitchen area or area designated by your Weltrade supervisor.
  • On completion of your time at site you must report to your Weltrade contact to ensure worksite has been cleaned and is safe.


Evacuation is indicated by:

  • Direct alert from other employees and/or air horn, upon the sound of the alarm, you are to evacuate with the sound of any alarm unless told otherwise

In case of evacuation:

  • Leave the building immediately via the nearest exit (if safe to do so)
  • Proceed directly to the assembly area at the front of the complex and report to your Weltrade contact or nominated warden.
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE ASSEMBLY AREA until instructed to do so by your Weltrade contact or a nominated warden.

Insurances / Licenses / Permits

  • Have evidence of relevant insurance requirements, such as public liability, personal accident, injury insurance, professional indemnity (where required) and registration with the relevant Work Cover authority.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate permits, licenses, certificates to work in certain areas of the business, (i.e. hot works/confined spaces/electrical works) prior to undertaking this type of work.


  • You will notify Weltrade immediately of any accident, injuries, near miss, damage to persons or property or the environment. Should the incident be a reportable one to WHS QLD, the contractor/visitor must notify Weltrade prior
  • The environment will be given the highest priority in all activities, report any and all spills immediately


  • Clothing must be high visibility and is expect to be worn in all areas on site (excluding the offices area, kitchen)
  • You will need to provide your own PPE that is required to conduct your work safely.
  • Out of Service / Danger Tags / Lock Out Tag Out
  • When you see a danger that cannot be immediately fixed an isolation tag should be placed on it and the danger reported to your Weltrade contact immediately.
  • Before starting any maintenance work (and some cleaning tasks) on plant or equipment, ensure that any sources of power (including stored power) are isolated by way of Lock-Out-Tag-Out

Power Tools

  • Any electrical tools brought on site for use by the electrical contractor must have current tag and test certification. NO TAG NO USE.
  • Keep all electrical leads clear of wet areas, aisles, traffic areas, work areas and all moving equipment by using the shortest practical lead and lead hanger / stands
  • Turn off power outlets before connecting or disconnecting lead

Working at heights

  • All work at heights will be done in accordance with the relevant state legislation, regulations, standards, codes and procedures.
  • All ladders used must be fibreglass and be rated correctly for the job being undertaken. DO NOT USE a metal or wire reinforced ladder when carrying out electrical work.

Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods

  • No hazardous substances can be brought onto Weltrade premises without a current Safety Data Sheet (current SDS = less than five years old). Storage of these substances must be in accordance with regulations
  • Do not leave chemicals in containers without the appropriated labels and do not use a container that is unmarked.
  • Use such chemicals shall be provided with specific training and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Behaviour

  • Behaviour – no skylarking, throwing of objects, playing sport, running, harassment and discrimination
  • Smoking prohibited in the Weltrade site. If you are a smoker, smoking is only permitted outside the perimeter fence
  • Use of alcohol and or illicit drugs is prohibited and where this is observed or reported, contractors / visitors shall be immediately removed from the site.
  • In the interest of Health, safety and wellbeing any person exhibiting unusual behaviour suspected from drug and/or alcohol use will be escorted from the site and arrangements will be made with the main contractor for safe transport of the affected persons back to the contractor’s workplace.
  • If you are feeling unwell at all, please advise your Weltrade contact (e.g. Food borne illness, any COVID type symptoms)

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