The latest trend in the skincare and cosmetic industry is the trend to make the various products and their packaging recyclable and biodegradable. Since only 30.8% of plastics are usually recycled, the need to increase the rate is the prime focus for a lot of companies. Thanks to the rise of eco-friendly consumers, the demand for degradable plastics has multiplied.

It’s not entirely easy making eco-friendly packaging materials for some cosmetics since they require particular attention due to their delicate nature to preserve them, but several products have been able to use recyclable plastics to protect the environment.

Recycling plastics not only reduces the amount of depleted energy, but it also lowers the use of natural resources like water and petroleum, meant to create a virgin plastic. Production of new materials accounts for about 4% of the energy used in most countries. Using PCR tubes lowers that percentage considerably, and allows the saved energy to be used for other important things.

That’s where Post-consumer recycled (PCR) tubes come in handy. Packaging your beauty products in plastics made from PCR is an excellent way of ensuring that your business becomes more sustainable and eco-friendly. This form of packaging is the best alternative for your business since its FDA approved. It not only makes use of old plastics, but it also reduces the amount of waste on the streets and water bodies.

Benefits of PCR

PCR tubes can be made up to 45% recycled plastic to reduce the number of wastes piling up in landfills. They are made from plastics marked for recycling. The plastic is then gathered up, washed, dried, made into pellets, crystallized, and later remade into another form. The process is like a never-ending loop of sustainability.

The tubes made from PCR plastic uses even less energy than an average tube. Ideally, plastics already use less energy during production than other packaging materials. So, PCRs reduces the rate significantly and makes the environment greener.

Biodegradable packaging is still not technically there yet, due to longevity, expenses, and other factors, but, Post-consumer recycled plastics are the next best thing. Due to the type of care given to the production of PCR plastics, they can be used to pack various kinds of products, ranging from cosmetics, to even consumable goods.

Our PCR tubes start at a MOQ of 10,000 units and can come in any colours desired and they can also be silk screen or offset printed. If this is of any interest to you, or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 5597 0102 or leave an email at