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Airless Bottle

Airless packaging systems can generally offer increased stability and shelf life without the use of excessive preservatives.

In airless systems, the product is isolated from the air. In addition, the dosage expelled with each stroke of the actuator is approximately equal to the amount of product contained in the pump body. Therefore, this is not a system that will dispense continuously while the actuator is held in the down position.

Another feature of airless packaging is that a higher percentage of the product is able to be dispensed over traditional lotion style dispensers. With lotion pumps that use the dip tube mechanism the residue that is left in the container can be significant resulting in diminished brand appreciation.

In the past the market has had to contend with varying quality in airless systems. At Weltrade Packaging our airless systems are designed to function with a lot more flexibility through the use of an external spring mechanism, meaning that the consistency is far greater. As springs do not contact the cream or serum

Not all brands choose airless for purely functional reasons, however. There is also a branding component to the dispensing system. Today’s airless systems may be perceived to look better and fit in better with customer brands and offer a higher perceived value when on the shelf, which in turn results in being able to achieve a higher retail point.

Do I Need This?
With airless packaging, brands still using traditional dispensing methods may wonder if it’s time to move to airless. Here is a checklist of questions you can ask yourself if you’re considering making the switch:

  1. Is your current pump performing?
  2. Are you using the right pump for your formulation?
  3. Is the consumer able to dispense the entire product?
  4. Do you have a competitive threat from an airless package?

We are now stocking 50ml and 100ml Airless bottles you can order online, please see 50ml and 100ml.

If you have any questions around airless packaging, then please contact us and a member of our customer care team would be happy to discuss.