Comparing Contemporary and Traditional Packaging Design in Skin Care – Why the Change?

No matter what industry is examined, there are always new procedures and norms that become accepted over time. For some industries, these normal procedures are established for safety or security purposes. For others, it is simply a matter of aesthetics. Where skin care products are concerned, contemporary packaging may not appear to be all that different from the old days, but there are some key changes that are designed to help with sales.

Men’s Skin Care Products

The modern man is not afraid of using skin care products. Skin care packaging designed for male use has been made with this in mind, typically using darker and more “masculine” colors in the label design. In the older days, there simply was not the desire or need for men’s and women’s versions of the same product, but with modern society this leads to a new design scheme in skin care packaging.

Efficiency of Manufacturing

Perhaps a more important concern for most business owners, new manufacturing techniques and materials have made a new tube design that is more efficient than the older techniques. By using this new tube design, skin care packaging becomes less expensive and the manufacturing process becomes more efficient. With the change in manufacturing, label design adapts to keep up.

In addition to this, the modern consumer looks for a simpler design in nearly everything today. Whereas the old customer might look for some fancy and elaborate packing, today people just want a simple image that outlines the key benefits of the product. Highlighting a single, unique selling proposition and having a simple background to the package is much more effective today than having a full list of benefits.

Some Other Considerations

Of course, selling more products to men isn’t the only reason that designs have changed. Some label designs have been adjusted to highlight natural ingredients, of which the use of has become extremely popular in today’s society. Tube design is sometimes changed for a similar reason, customized to be more environmentally friendly, which is another consideration of many consumers.

Ultimately, as with any other trend in business, packaging design evolves with the changing population. When people become interested in something new, that new interest starts to take over as a powerful reason to make changes. In some cases, contemporary design is achieved for efficiency and cheaper production costs. For the most part, a package change simply occurs to keep the customer coming back for more.

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