Trends affect the way customers interact with a product, which in turn, leads to a change in the design and packaging. Design and shopping habits go hand in hand. At a recent brand design conference, the topic of trends and how that affects packaging was covered in greater detail. This article addresses consumer trends in the cosmetic industry.

With the Australian cosmetics industry alone tipped to exceed $1.5 billion dollars by 2021-22, understanding how our consumers react to packaging should always be at the forefront of the thought process when selecting your personal care packaging.

As a specialist in this area we work with brands to make sure we address these requirements and ultimately help them boost their sales.

So here’s a compilation of the top 8 emerging consumer shopping trends:


     I.        Personalization

Personalization has been dubbed as the ultimate form of uniqueness. A brand that is unique creates a sense of intimacy with the customers. So in this case, the more unique a packaging is, the better it gets. Except for some important products, most mainstream brands hardly personalize their goods, and whenever customers stumble upon the ones that do, they covet them.

Brand loyalty is of particular importance if the industry wants to succeed.


    II.        Purpose

In this day and age, customers can tell if a packaging is a real deal or just a gimmick. They tend to have an unquenchable thirst for brands with a deeper purpose, and because they view the goods as an extension of their values, they buy them.


III.        Social Connection

Not only do customers today patronize brands, but they also follow them, listen and interact with them. It’s more than just buying the product. Smart brands use this bond between themselves and their consumers to build a tribe. Shopping is now more than just a chore; it’s a way of forging connections between different groups of people.


IV.        Peace of Mind

Brands today are seeking to appeal to the customer’s peace of mind. They present the “less is better” philosophy to help remedy the overwhelmed living conditions of the clients.   


 V.        Consumer-Centric

This technique focuses on the ‘me’ factor, as it is interested in the needs of the consumer; brands that want to be interesting use this trend to improve their customer relationships.


 VI.        Experience

Brands still seek to stand out, so they provide more engaging shopping experiences through different platforms like the social media, mobile apps or in-store gatherings. The more pleasant the shopping experience is for the customer, the quicker they return.


VII.        Brand-centric Extensions

Industries with strong brands usually capitalize on the values of their consumers by branching out into areas. It isn’t always easy to build customer trust, and with one slight mistake, a brand can lose half of its clientele. The little brands that have been able to get the trust of their customers are usually very careful not to lose it since it is very hard to earn.


VIII.       Uniqueness

Whether it’s designing your product differently or packaging the product in a customized way, brands are always looking for inventive ways to make their goods stand out. The unique factor is what gives the product an edge over others in the same line.

Following the trends make the designing of the packaging so much easier. To go through this process with a packaging specialist ensures it is even easier again.

It’s never too early to start a conversation, our team is ready to walk you through the entire packaging process.