The Packaging Selection process for your Skin Care Brand is an important step to having as successful brand. 5 Key steps to selecting the right packaging you can not afford to miss out on!

1. Firstly, what type of product are you looking to package? Is it a cream, serum, gel, powder or lotion for example.

From there we can look at alternatives for your packaging options. At Weltrade Packaging we narrow down to the type of container that works best for your cosmetic or skin care product to be packaged in.

For example, if it’s an oil cleanser which contains natural or essential oils then typically it is packaged in PET bottles due to the material’s good resistance to essential oils. However other creams could be packed in jars or tubes.

Most people have a good idea of the general type of package and look they are thinking about because they have seen a product in the market similar that they will benchmark off.

Products offered by Weltrade Packaging


2. What is your target market? Is it a demographic that is women 25 to 35? Is it Women 35 to 55? Is it aimed at the Men’s market?

All of these answers can help select whether the packaging should be more premium or deluxe, should the emphasis be more on environmentally friendly, easily transportable or should the package be selected with functionality higher up the preference list.

Is it going to be targeted to users of organic products, then we would suggest items that meet the organic certifier requirements.

We run through options and discuss reasons for our suggestions that draw on our 20 years of experience.


3. What is the key active ingredients in the product or formulation?

Does it contain essential oils? Is it a natural product without a lot of preservatives that may be more light sensitive? Does the product need a hot fill?

For example, if the product contains essential oils, then PET bottles or jars may be the best place to start due to its high barrier to essential oils but Polypropylene may also be a good alternative along with good barrier, it has a higher temperature filling point? Does the bottle or package need to be a coloured / tinted?

If it is a tube, can you get away with a single layer or do you need a 5 layer barrier tube?

Has your filler recommended a particular material to work with the formulation they know what is going in the product some plastics have a far greater stability that others with certain ingredients or even with products on where they are on the PH scale. We can suggest alternatives but you should consider in package stability as every formulation will be slightly different. Without inpackage stability you wont know how your product performs in the market till it is to late.


4. How is your product to to be applicated?

Once we determine the main part of the package, how do you want your consumers to applicate the product, is it via pump, cap, spray, spatula, sifted?  Some of these answers will be determined by viscosity others will be determined by end use.

For mineral cosmetics, we can offer our sifter jars and then for more body powder items, we could suggest our talc container options. Sometimes it is a personal choice, in the case of deodorant for example some people prefer sprays and others prefer a PET roll on, either way we can offer a number of alternatives.


5. What is the MOQ, Leadtime and Price?

The last questions, once all of the above is determined, is more the logistical questions. What is the minimum order quantity or MOQ? Is this achievable for your brand and its current sales. What is the lead time? Can you allow enough time for this in your planning and also for preproduction samples, in product testing prior to getting the product filled and to market?

What is the price? A key question but one of the last to consider when selecting a package because if any of the above are not taken into consideration then a reasonably priced package may end up being very expensive.

Once the above questions are taken into account then browse our ranges and look for the shape, size, colour options and more.

To make your packaging selection process more controllable speak to us today on (+61) 07 55592923 or email