Working with Weltrade Packaging Company comes with a lot of perks. With our vast wealth of experience in packaging designs, we can provide you with custom packaging options that suit your every need. Most times it’s advisable to use local packaging than going directly to China for your requirements. We have a team of well-trained professionals that will see to your every need; be it the selection process, design and management, down to delivering your order.

Benefits of Sticking with Us

· We have ISO-approved factories

· We provide a stress-free approach when handling your order

· You’re not required to pay the full costs of your package up front

· You don’t need to worry about anything ever going wrong, we will sort everything out for you

· We have worked with the same factories for more than 12 years

· We’ll provide you with a personal service together with quality products

· Our packaging designs meet and even exceed the standards in Australia

· Our clientele include some major brands in the beauty and wellness industry

· We’re always available five days a week and you could either reach us by phone, email, or in person.

Cons of Buying your Packaging Directly from China

§ Price could suffer from instability from order to order

§ You’ll be faced with the inconvenience of having to pay an advance fee whenever you make an order without knowing exactly what you’ll get from them

§ Your orders might be confronted with inconsistencies from time to time

§ Language barriers might be an issue when dealing with factories in China; this would make communicating your needs very difficult

§ You might unfortunately stumble on an untrustworthy company

§ The delay you might experience when using a factory in China would cost you a lot of money

§ You don’t have to worry about high shipping rates when working with us

§ Some of the packaging coming from China might not meet up to the ISO-approved standards

§ Since they’re far away, you won’t be able to find out if the materials they use for their packaging are Eco-friendly

§ The quantity you order and pay for might be different from what they deliver

§ Quality control including print, color, and breakage may vary from the average standard.


At Weltrade Packaging, we’re not only able to advise you on the best packaging solution, but we ensure that the production process is secured and properly managed from start to finish.

Even though you may not realize it now, using local packaging for your locally made products is exactly what you need to boost your business. People tend to respond better to brands they recognize, rather foreign ones. So, don’t go directly to China for your packaging requirements, especially when we’re just within reach.