Its said human beings are attracted to shiny things, especially females. For most people, the shiner an object, the more attractive it becomes. Based on this concept, most brands employ the use of eye-catching colours in packaging their products. Do you want to know how to improve your packaging for your product?

The packaging of goods is the most important aspect of marketing, and as such, the designs used should make both a psychological and physiological connection. The right packaging reassures the customer that they made the right purchase. Even though the design must be of a standard quality, it should not be misleading.

Here are some key steps brand’s should employ when considering a package for their product;

·     Early Beginning

While the product is still in its production phase, start developing the package early. Make a draft of several ideas to give a visual of how the product should look. You could also borrow ideas from other brands, while still retaining your uniqueness. Create mock-ups using target market research.

·     Branding and Positioning should be Considered

Identify the expectations of the product you’re selling and always know your target market. Investigating the end users will help in determining the most efficient and eye-catching product. Also, scope out the competition and use their weaknesses to your advantage.

·     Determining How the Package Would Be Sold

Will your product be sold in stores or online? Selling items online is a different process altogether because the customers are unable to touch or smell the cosmetics like they’d have been able to do if it was in a store. As a result of this setback, it is up to the packaging to catch the eye of the consumer.

Also, the text on the package should be legible, and the color should blend with its overall design.

·     Think Green

Since most people are concerned with how to keep the environment clean and green, creating eye-catching packaging designs that are also eco-friendly can help to boost your sales. The packaging should be recyclable, where possible.

·     Hold the Attention of your Consumer

Make use of target market research to find out various ideas to keep the attention of your customers. Since the average consumer has a short attention span when it comes to packaging, avoid altering the appearance of your product regularly. If you redesign the packaging in such a way that your customer cannot easily identify it, you might end up losing them to the competition. Try to find the perfect balance when it comes to designing the packaging.

·     Think of Your Packaging An Investment

Using high-quality packaging will create the belief in your consumers that they are purchasing something of great value. Your packaging should always represent your brand, and so if it’s of little value, your brand would be considered worthless. Always remember that first appearances matter a lot to people. If your product is not appealing to the eye, it might be bypassed for a better one.

Not only is the packaging a marketing strategy, but it also serves as a protective mechanism for your product. Hence it should be able to withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.

As always your specific requirements matter. We look at each case as a unique project and work with you to ensure you get the most efficient package to build sales and at the same time ensuring the technical side is as stress free as possible for you.

Feel free to ask any questions, i’m more than happy to help you with your packaging needs. Lets start a conversation today!