Colour plays a big part when deciding on branding and packaging design.   It is an essential communication tool and speaks to our sub-conscious mind by directly evoking emotions either positive or negative.

Through the proper use of colour the branding and packaging can be used to create a desired response in the consumer’s mind whether that is informing, reassuring or creating desire.

How do our designers select colours?

As a starting point our designers can base the colour choice on colour psychology and meanings (see below the common colour interpretations).  Multiple colour selection can also be aided by tools such as a colour wheel to determine which colours work well together.

We are also able to work within the clients existing style guide to ensure brand consistency.  However if there is flexibility we can examine existing products to establish whether there is a way to introduce a new colour that helps the product stand out.  If a brand does choose to adopts a colour in its packaging they need to ensure it’s also incorporated into other elements so the colour is associated with the brand.

Common Colour Interpretations

White – Purity, innocence, optimism, sterility and peace.  Although whites’ meaning can vary across different cultures.

Black – Silence, power, elegance, sadness.  Blacks’ meaning also varies depending on the culture of the target market.

Yellow – Cheerful, intelligence, innovation, hope, and gives sensation of freshness.  Too much yellow can be overpowering in packaging so it is often used as a stand out element with other colours.

Red – Power, vitality, passion, confidence, youth, energy, aggression.  It stimulates the need to act faster.

Blue – Healing, truth, serenity, harmony, fidelity, tradition.  Darker shades of blue demonstrate stability and trust whilst lighter shades show coolness and freshness.  Most brands use a contrasting colour such as white, yellow or red with blue to get the desired response.

Sliver – Peace and tenacity.

Gold – Strength and luxury.

Grey – Stability.

Orange – Energy, warm, sociable and stimulating. In its pure orange state it is often used to get attention in a positive way.

Purple – Serenity, luxury, authority, romantic and calming.

Green – Moderation, tradition, minty taste, ecological, natural.  Green is a common colour for brands trying to show a close association with nature.

For assistance with colour selections, please email our experienced design team – [email protected]

By Andrea designer at Weltrade Packaging