improving your packaging

When you are developing your skin care brand, designing the packaging is the best part. It’s exciting to see a brand develop right in front of your eyes. What was just a distant dream now takes tangible shape and becomes an inherent reality, one that could make you an instant favourite among the masses or a failure, depending on the packaging of the product. But you always have to monitor your products to see how well they are doing and we wrote an article for improving your packaging. 

Most brands take a no-nonsense approach with packaging and shelf presence.

They are confident that the quality of their product would be able to capsize the customer’s attitude in their favour. However, some spend months, if not years, to find the perfect representation of their preference and style. And they are right! Details matter, and it is extremely important to have the clarity to design your skin care packaging instead of falling down that rabbit hole, because that never bodes well for anyone, does it?

Now that we have settled the matter that design and packaging does matter, let us get down to the business of divulging some secret packaging information about skin care branding that could very well be your tipping point to be successful. If you want women to be proud and clamouring to place your products on their vanity, read ahead and find out how!

Functionality is Not to be Ignored

The more functional your packaging is, the more convenient it will be to use. Consumers do find themselves swayed by that factor. They want to be able to use every last drop of a product. They want it to be durable and not prone to breakage and they want it to be easy to open and use. Moreover, in this era of online shopping and shipping, your products should be able to withstand the rough shipping process which should prevent it from spilling and breaking in the midst of it. Friendly packaging is necessary and should state what your product is all about. A consumer should be able to read the information and know instantly if it’s for them or not. Lack of information will not make your product mysterious; rather, it will make it look useless. Clear, indecisive and exact information should be presented in the packaging that can induce customers to buy the product within 3 seconds of seeing it.

In this Case, Size Does Matter

The first thing a customer notices about a skin care brand is the actual design of your skin care product and its colour. However, even the most beautiful packaging won’t cloak the lack of information or labelling that dictates the name of your product. It should be easily readable and the box should be vibrant and eclectic enough to stand out from the dozens of others on the shelf of a store. Value for money is another thing that matters. Yet another thing which must never be ignored is to include the instructions on the package. Clear directions are a must.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

When we say that the devil is in the details, we are not messing around. When we talked with women about skin care and colour brands, the most influencing factors concerning the packaging were what the product promises to do for them, if it is compatible with their skin type/condition, if she has heard of the brand before and if it was recommended by a family member or a friend. Brand awareness and an exciting presence on social media can be a great decider for consumers to buy a product. However, most consumers are still concerned with how good the packaging looks. They try it out even if they haven’t heard of it, simply because it looks so good.

So, capitalise on the impulsive buying behaviour of consumers and make it look so good that they have no choice but to try it out or crave it until they eventually do!

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