ISO Compliant

Since marketing goods involves more than just the product itself, but the packaging as well; it’s important to find a company that adheres to well-known set of quality management standards put forward by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/ISO Compliant.

ISO is a governing body that defines and structures the management system of a company. Although the standards apply mostly to manufacturing industries and establishments, it also branches out to other businesses. When a pharmaceutical product is certified ISO-approved, it means that it has undergone rigorous screening to meet up with the standard. This means the customers can be rest assured that everything has been appropriately managed and controlled.

Several ISO management system standards possess similar terms and definitions, and they might also have the same structure. This makes it cheaper and quicker for companies that take advantage of having more than one.

While there are different ISO approved standards, most of them still have the same goal; which is making sure that your packaging is made up of quality and safe materials. Take for instance the ISO 9000 and 14000; while the former is concerned with quality management, the latter are focused on managing the environment. It means that they ensure customer satisfaction, and also try to minimize harmful effects on the environment from the packaging companies.

Benefits for you

  •  It helps in cost reduction, They help businesses track and map out their entire process and then identify areas of duplication and waste; which ultimately leads to the decrease of production cost of the packaging.
  •  It improves the quality and consistency of your product. When your goods have excellent packaging, it shows your customers that they would be making the right choice if they picked your brand.
  • Working with ISO-approved companies give you an edge over other competitors. Most suppliers these days look out for ISO certification, and when they notice that you have one, it places you at the top of their list.
  • They make use of certified systems which helps you provide a better control over your business operations. It’s crucial in tough business situations.
  • They maintain competent training and development of their staff. This technique helps push your business to the forefront of the industry.
  • If you decide to export into global markets, the customers might demand that you produce a certificate that’s internationally recognized. And it would be a lot easier if you already worked with an ISO-approved packaging company.
  • With their aid, customer issues are quickly resolved.
  • There would be a consistency in your delivery of quality products.
  • Products from ISO certified companies reduces the necessity of audits and reviews by customers in order for them to find out if the product is genuine and follows the ISO standard.
  • Working with an ISO-approved company ensures that your clients will remain satisfied, and will always come back for more.


At Weltrade Packaging we set a specific goal to be ISO approved by the end on 2017. We are well on the way, having set up a Quality Management System that is compliant to the latest standard ISO9000:2015.

By February 2018 we will have achieved our goal and look forward to offering our clients the same consistent quality products and services that they are used to.

As always please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or queries we really appreciate your comments.