Special Design Finishes

Special finishes can really help transform a basic design into something extraordinary which can add huge value to a brand. Strong, alternative designs and packaging will naturally stand out and attract customers.

When developing packaging design the aim is not only to attract the eye and build brand recognition, but also to protect and preserve the contents.

Why use a special finish?

Using special finishes in design not only provides protection but is also visually appealing and brings an air of sophistication and class to a design.  The special finishes can be used in a number of ways to emphasis a logo or product.  They can also be used to create a sense of a handcrafted quality, within the product.

Here at Weltrade we simply love using a special finish in a design.  It makes even the most basic design look impressive.  A few personal favourites include foiling, embossing, and UV varnish.

Here is a guide to what each one does and how it can be used:

  • FOILING:  A thin layer of oil is adhered to the surface through the use of a headed plate or die that is stamped onto the surface of the substrate.  Weltrade have applied foiling to bottles, tubes, business cards, and boxes.
  • VARNISH: A varnish is applied to the packaging, which is a coating without pigment.  It adds a visual finish such as a matt or a shine. You can just have a spot varnish which means its only applied in a specified area of a design. Or a full varnish which works well as a background. Weltrade have applied varnished to tubes, bottles, jars boxes, business cards.
  • SHRINK FILM LABEL: A method which works well for high volumes, the shrink wraps a film label around a container with an uneven contour to provide a synonymous surface of an image.  Weltrade have applied shrink sleeve to bottles.
  • EMBOSSING: A low volume method that involves embossing a design onto a metal, paper or board that leaves an attractive, tactile finish.  While this does involve a set up. This is a favourite!  Weltrade have applied this method to bottles which helped the brand stand out more and embossed sleeves on pumps raising the profile of the package/brand. In the past we have also embossed stationary items for clients.
  • SAND BLASTING:  Weltrade has applied this new method to bottles and jars, this enhances the packaging to make it more attractive and given it a tactile finish on a PET container can give almost a stone or ceramic appearance to the container.

If you have any questions about Packaging Design or Special Finishes then please contact our design department today.

By Andrea Welsh ASK Creative – packaging designer