We meet with different brands each week, they can vary from a startup to existing companies looking to release new products, but a common message is “we have this great product and we want to launch the product on this date!”

To make sure all parts of the product development are in place and that your product ends up a success, means you must allow time to make sure the packaging is also right. Sure, enlisting a skincare packaging specialist like Weltrade Packaging can help cut down the process somewhat. This is because we go through the options with you and look at what packaging will work to make the project as stress free as possible.

At the end of the day, when you select your packaging, whether it is from us or elsewhere, you will still need to undertake stability testing in conjunction with your chemist or formulator to make sure concentration of the active works well with the type of packaging chosen.

The last thing any of us want, is for you to release a product because you rushed it and 6 weeks down the track the packaging starts to discolour, suck in or generally does not dispense how you thought it would. The relationship between you and your packaging supplier should be a long term one, and that can only happen if all the risks are addressed in the early stages.

Sometimes filling companies can suggest one style but because packaging is not their specialty they can forget about what orifice would work better or a different type of sealing process that they are not used to may work better. Or they forget to consider the dosage of the pump and suddenly you have a “cleanser” running out, resulting in upset consumers that you will struggle to win back to your brand.

We work with many formulators and fillers all over the country, they do what they do best. We assist them with packaging advice and then carry out checks throughout the supply process to make sure the result looks like how it should, works how it is planned, and arrives on time.

A great 5 step plan to follow is

1.    Enlist a packaging expert (like Weltrade Packaging) when you are thinking about the product you are looking to launch. Sometimes this can be 1 year or more out from when you are looking launch.

2.    Get samples of the packaging materials for stability testing with your fillers so they can carry out testing, check specifications and make changes where required. It won’t necessarily need to be the exact size but should be the same base material / dispenser.

3.    When you have your final samples from your formulator that you are happy with i.e. the fragrance and consistency, confirm your packaging with your supplier and ask for up to date quotations based on the fill quantities, lead times and volume breaks. A minimum 12 weeks out from filling date is a good rule of thumb to complete this stage.

4.    Finalise artwork on your supplier’s supplied dieline, place your packaging purchase order and ask for preproduction samples, so you can see and feel the final product before the mass is manufactured. This can take 2 to 4 weeks, but you are still 8 – 10 weeks from when you need the packaging.

5.    Confirm the samples, get the goods, fill and get the product to market.

In a recent IBIS world report the industry is still expecting consistent growth year on year to $AUD 1.5 billion by 2021-22.

With a growing market, to maximize your opportunity with your product, we advise our clients to really make the most of their time with the preproduction samples while they are waiting for the mass production. This is a great time to complete product photography, set up the website and be ready to take orders as soon as your product is filled.

As always, our global team at Weltrade Packaging is ready to assist your needs with support, advice or your more specific requirements. It’s never too early to start a conversation.