Weltrade’s design arm, ASK Creative, was recently commissioned to design artwork for a 30ml package for Aviation Hydration, a product used by air passengers and staff.

Aviation Hydration required a packaging solution that was easy to use on a plane, looked smart to appeal to business class passengers, incorporated the company’s unique logo, and importantly was easy to identify on a shelf display.

The obvious package from the client’s perspective, and ours, was a 30ml medium density tube that fits well within the international flight requirements for cosmetic carry on.

ASK Creative first set about the packaging design by ensuring its production remained economical by keeping the design to minimal colours.

We achieved this by specifying spot PMS colours to represent the logo and incorporating it as a background effect, and were able to include the long list of ingredients (including certified organic) and barcode placement, all conforming to national labeling regulations for cosmetics without it looking like an unattractive block of text

Through the successful design our artwork team then developed trade show marketing materials including banners and point of sale boxes.

The final result is a great outcome for the client and should assist Aviation Hydration gaining a market share of a specialised product

For more information visit www.weltradepackaging.com.au