With over 20 years experience in plastics manufacture, design and supply Weltrade Packaging’s Steve Welsh is often asked what plastic should be used for what product.

“It is often hard to give specific advice due to the nature of custom formulations and people wanting to keep confidentiality on their actual product.  However we can give best practice guidelines on a range of general household products and cosmetics.”

When looking at options there is usually a wide variety to select from.  The ingredients in a product have to be compatible with the type of plastic used to ensure the product is kept protected, fresh and safe for consumers.

As a guide for clients, we have set up a table on our website which can be used as a quick reference for brand managers.  The table breaks down in general terms how the type of plastic bottle performs with products:

1 = Satisfactory

2 = Probably satisfactory but specific applications need testing

3 = No information available

4 = Unsatisfactory with the general type of product.

Weltrade does stress the importance of stability testing on the actual packaging resin to ensure your custom formulation does perform and appear the way you want it to.

For more info on our product range please see our website.