When and Why You Should Revamp Your Packaging Design

It’s definitely not uncommon for a company to change how its brand and packaging look. You see this all the time as the years pass by. Often times there was nothing wrong with the brand to begin with, but maybe the trends and style of the time have changed. Or maybe there was a way to improve the branding and packaging design so that it appears better to the target demographic. It could happen for any number of reasons, but when should you do it? And are there times where it’s actually not a good idea?

Keeping Up With the Times

Probably the most common reason that companies revamp their packaging designs, brand designs, label designs and even product designs is to keep up with modern trends and styles. For instance, you might have noticed for this past decade or so that many popular companies have changed their logos and styles to be more minimalistic and simple. Fancy 3D shapes and details were all the rage in the 1990s, but as time moved on we’ve gone toward flat colors, less details and less clutter. Since time is always moving forward, and people’s tastes change all the time, this ends up being the top reason that companies reexamine their brand designs. Otherwise, customers start seeing a company as out of date or out of touch.

Brand Perception

Another good reason to revamp your brand design and packaging design is to change how people perceive your brand. While keeping up with the times does this, it’s not necessarily the only reason you’d do it. For instance, what happens if your branding is ineffective and your product isn’t selling, even if your product design is top-notch? Or worse, what if people don’t like how you present your product and have a negative view of it? This would be a good time to make a lot of changes.

When You Shouldn’t

What you absolutely should avoid is changing your packaging design or label design too often, especially if your product is at all popular. People rely on being able to recognize a brand when they make a purchase, and if they don’t recognize your product because you keep changing the packaging and label design, this could turn into significantly less profit for you. It’s best to avoid this.

Generally, the well-known mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. Unless you’re only making minor stylistic changes just to remain up to date, it’s best to leave your branding and product design as is, if people are responding positively to it.

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