PET Jars

PET Cosmetic Jars are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate. We supply personalised PET Cosmetic Jars to suit your specific cosmetic packaging needs whether that be for creams or dry good products.

The benefits of jars made from PET over other plastics are that they have great barrier properties and easily recycled under the code of 1. Our PET Cosmetic Jars are BPA free and made from food grade approved plastic resins.

Common uses of PET Cosmetic Jars for cosmetic packaging are creams, pastes and powders.

The main limitation of Cosmetic Jars made from PET is its low heat tolerance so when filling waxes etc. at temperatures over 60C other materials should be considered.

Our modern PET Cosmetic Jar stock moulds and shapes are used to manufacture in the colour as per your specific needs and then decorate with multi coloured screen printing to highlight your brand. We have a range of airtight sealing options via polyseal wads, induction foil seals and casca seals (plastic sealing discs) to stop product from going onto the lid. In its uncoloured natural bottle state PET Plastic Bottles are best described featuring a gloss finish and is high clarity like water bottles.

Please browse our range, note our MOQ (minimum order quantity) and email us for volume based pricing.

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