Quality Statement

Weltrade Pty Ltd

As part of our continuing commitment to quality improvement, control & performance, Weltrade Packaging Pty Ltd places special emphasis on understanding client requirements in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Helping to ensure the products manufactured by their operations are protected from any physical, chemical or microbiological contamination, that could result from packaging. This allows us to meet our legislative requirements under the Food Standards Code, Food Act 2006 and Competition and Consumer Act 2010, and environmental and WH & S obligations.

We understand that continual improvement of the Weltrade Packaging Pty Ltd quality management system is essential to our success and growth within our industry and to assure this has committed to set and review specific and measurable quality objectives and targets on a quarterly basis at management review meetings.

Weltrade Packaging Pty Ltd has a proven track record of providing quality solutions and services to our clients and stakeholders, thus giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our history of service provision has led to new and repeat business based on high levels of customer satisfaction.

The consequent objectives of management and personnel of Weltrade Packaging Pty Ltd are to: 

• Implement and maintain a quality management system;
• Implement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and maintains a Food Safety Program in accordance with HACCP systems and in line with our HACCP certification.
• Be responsible as a food packaging manufacturing operation
• Provide objective evidence that the planned quality management system is implemented and maintained in accordance with management policies;
• Seek to understand customer requirements and act promptly and courteously to all customer feedback
• All employees are encouraged to perform their job in a manner that supports this quality and food safety policy. 

The Quality Management System outlined in this Manual is designed to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015 and has the full support of the management and personnel of Weltrade Packaging Pty Ltd, and its successful implementation and maintenance is a commitment to them. Proper adherence to all quality-related activities, legislative, standards, and active participation in all quality-related activities is a requirement of all personnel in the Company.

Steve Welsh

JAS-ANZ, HACCP Australia certification & ISO 9001 certified logos