Sugarcane Bioplastic

Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Sugarcane based bioplastic are a great sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution. It reduces the reliance on fossil fuels such as oil for the production of plastic packaging, by using renewable resources.  At Weltrade Packaging we can supply any of our tubes  from bioplastic derived from sugarcane. It is durable, protective & 100% recyclable and helps relay an effective marketing message on “Greener” packaging.


Sugarcane Bioplastic Tubes

Sugarcane Bioplastic tubes are available in any of our Single Layer or 5 Layer Tubes. Our Sugarcane Bioplastic tubes can either be 100% LDPE or HDPE or even a blend of both. These tubes feel and look the same as a standard PE tube.

You can order our sugarcane bioplastic tubes in any Pantone colour that you wish, as well as silk screen print/offset print or hot stamp directly onto the Tubes. Our MOQ’s start from only 10k units. 

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