For a long time now, there’s been a raging debate on why manufacturers should use PET plastic packaging over glass. Granted, both of them are recyclable, but while glass can only be turned into more glass forms, plastics can be converted into a number of products. When compared to glass bottles, a truckload could contain twice the amount of PET plastics because they are lighter and can use up every single free space available without overloading the vehicle.

While using glass for your cosmetic packaging might look fancy, the drawbacks of this material are more than its advantages. Despite the fact that PET has been subjected to several untrue scare campaigns, researchers have proven that it is one of the safest forms of packaging available for cosmetics. Bisphenol A, dioxins, plasticizers, endocrine disruptors, or any other heavy metals are not included in the list of ingredients used during the manufacture process of PET plastics. As a result of this, it protects the content stored inside together with the customer.

PET plastics reduces carbon footprint simply because they offer outstanding Eco profile when compared to other materials used for packaging products. Their production requires less energy and they create fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They also produce less solid waste when compared to other packaging materials like glass or even aluminum cans.

Benefits of using PET plastics:

·     PET cosmetic packaging provides high levels of commercial sustainability

·     PET has high clarity; just like glass. The transparency allows the customers to view the product quickly

·     Easy access to raw materials

·     They serve as excellent oxygen barriers, which protects and preserves the product

·     They are less likely to break and cause the cosmetics to spill out

·     The light nature of the plastic makes it easy and cheaper to transport products without causing any damage to them

·     They are lighter than glass therefore it costs less to ship

·     Less energy is required to produce them

·     PET plastics are generally cheaper

·     Weltrade Packaging PET Plastics are BPA free, and fully recyclable

·     It allows for extra storage room

·     They are easy to print on

·     They are durable and flexible

·     PET bottles reduce wastage because they can be resealed.

Disadvantages of Using Glass:

§ They require more energy to produce

§ They are heavier to transport and carry

§ They tend to be very fragile and then require more care while handling them

§ Glass has less recycling options

§ Glass can be dangerous, especially when they break. People could cut themselves on the broken shards.

Making use of PET Packaging is best for manufacturers that want to reduce adverse impacts on the environment, while still satisfying the needs of their customers. It’s both affordable and eco-friendly.

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