Production Process

What to expect with production

1. Quote
2. Customer Order
3. Artwork
4. Pre-production Samples
5. Mass Production of Goods
6. Shipping & Delivery




We aim to provide a quote within 1-2 working days of receiving your detailed enquiry. Basic information we need to provide an accurate quote are:

  1. Quantity required (subject to manufacturing minimum or MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity)
  2. Item(s) required (may require discussion from our sales team) 

Bottles & Jars in addition to the above information, we need to know;

  1. Bottle shape required (codes from our website are helpful)
  2. Do you require a white, clear/natural or coloured bottle?
  3. Do you require any printing? If so how many PMS spot colours do you require?
  4. Do you require any closures (pumps, sprays, disc top caps, screw caps, treatment pumps?
  5. What is your address and postcode to establish freight?

If you require Pouches, in addition to the above information, we need to know;

  1. Quantity required – minimum order quantity is 10,000 units per design/sku?
  2. Thickness required – 100 to 190 microns?
  3. Would you like a matte or gloss finish?
  4. Would you like a foil inner?
  5. We can print directly onto the pouch (CMYK/PMS). If you would like the pouch printed, how many colours for the print?

For tubes, in addition to the above information, we need to know:

  1. Size of tube (mls) plus preferred diameter of tube. If unsure on diameter, please advise if you prefer a short/wider tube or a tall/thinner tube.
  2. Do you want a matte or gloss finish on the tubes?
  3. Do you require any printing? If so how many PMS spot colours do you require?
  4. Do you want a screw cap or flip top cap? And white or coloured cap? Matte or gloss finish? Foil seal? Orientated?
  5. Single Layer or Five Layer Tube? 


Once you have accepted the quote and wish to order, we will require either:

  1. A purchase order which must include your company letterhead, delivery address, details of items required, price, and order number.
  2. If you cannot provide a company purchase order, we required a signed and dated copy of our quote, which is acceptance of pricing, terms and our company terms and conditions.

We will send through a proforma invoice for deposit/payment instalments, as quoted (if not on account).

Once payment has been received, we will process your order, and send through and confirmed sales order within 1-2 business days. This confirms receipt of your order, but will not include a confirmed delivery date yet (unless advise otherwise).

If no artwork or samples are required, please skip ahead to MASS PRODUCTION OF ORDER.


If printing is required, we will provide a print dieline to you (if not available for download from our website). Your designer will need to follow our artwork requirements instructions on the below link:

Artwork Requirements

After final artwork has been submitted, you will receive a proof within 1-3 working days for approval.  Any timing specified for lead-times starts from approval of this stage.


Once you have approved the proof, we will provide complimentary pre-production samples (if required and it is not a repeat order).

Note, that samples will not be made until the artwork has been approved.

Pre-production samples are a good check to make sure that you are happy with all aspects of the goods BEFORE they go into mass production of your order. This also gives you the chance to start on your marketing content/photography.

Mass Production will not proceed until the pre-production samples have been approved in writing.  Any timing specified for lead-times starts from approval of this stage AND/OR payment of any instalment payments (if required).


Once samples have been approved (or, if in the case of no samples required, your order has progressed to mass production), you will receive an estimated delivery date within 3 working days.

At this time, you will also receive a link to our website, with a username and password. This is specific to you, and shows any orders you have with us, and estimated delivery dates. Please monitor this carefully, as any changes or updates will automatically be visible to you straight away.


Any delivery/ETA dates provided will include any shipping times, so delivery/ETA is the delivery date we intend to deliver goods to your nominated delivery address.

At point of delivery, we require the following;

  1. Forklift for unloading goods and qualified forklift driver
  2. Plenty of access for large trucks. This includes plenty of room at gates, room for trucks to come in/go out, and room for unloading with forklifts. Ground must also be stable (i.e needs to be stable concrete or similar, no muddy ground, for example).
  3. Delivery times will generally be between 8am and 4pm, Monday-Friday, unless you request otherwise.
  4. Chep pallets will be provided unless plain pallets have been requested. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Any variations from above need to be advised at time of ordering, as we may be able to make alternative arrangements by request. Note, additional charges may apply if outside of our nominated terms and conditions, or outside any special requirements noted at time of quote.


We always strive to make your entire experience with us as easy and helpful as we possibly can. If, for any reason, there is an aspect that has not met your expectation, we would love to hear from you. We would love the opportunity to resolve it for you.