Sales expert refer to packaging as ‘the extra’ salesman, seeing as it motivates customers to buy a product. The way you package your cosmetics determine how well it would sell. The way your packaging stands out from the rest makes up a significant component of a successful brand. This article explains some  of the global packaging trends for 2018.

In a market filled with the competition of various cosmetic brands, if you fall short in the area of packaging, you may not be able to survive the onslaught from the other brands, and as a result, your line will suffer.

While your packaging should follow the latest trends to attract more customers, it must be designed in a way that it protects your product. What’s the point of having a fancy package if it can’t even keep your product safe?

The development of the global packaging industry is driven by a couple of trends, and they all depend on different geographical regions to perform well. The increase in the standards of living and disposable income in several countries has caused the demand rate of packaging to grow exponentially.

Regarding economically developed industries, a couple of key social and market trends have played significant roles in the development of packaging over the years. Some of these include;

The trends towards smaller households and the accompanying rise in demand for more, smaller pack sizes, the growing demand for convenience among customers, and the increasing number of men interested in health care and beauty products.

Various cosmetic brands can get inspiration from the previous trends to better prepare themselves for 2018. A couple of these patterns can be seen below.

o  Smart and Active Packaging

With the increasing demands for waste reduction, food safety, patient compliance and the decrease in the exposure to harmful products, brands have come up with a smart way of packaging their cosmetics to engage and entertain their consumers in real time. Packages with QR codes make it easier for customers to access more product information through their smartphones.

o  Personalization

Some brands allow consumers to create personalized products for themselves, using the ingredients provided on the packaging. This medium provides a fun way for the user to feel slightly involved in the production process.

The Role of Online Packaging

With the growth of e-commerce shopping, brands need to package their products in ways that would attract the attention of customers. Reports stated that some brands were currently failing to impress with their delivery of their online packaging experience. For the brands to be successful both online and in the stores, the industries must explore both the opportunities and threats of the online market. They must ensure that the packaging remains an integral piece of the purchasing decision.

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