Little known fact that Andrea (our in-house packaging designer, authorised Adobe Educator) when she is not creating successful selling packaging designs has been delivering training to many organisations. These brands many that are Weltrade customers can then have a better understanding of the Adobe design software and make changes to their files.

How does this benefit you? You save time and money in that the edits are done in no time at all. Due to the great response of clients undertaking these short training courses we now offer a course for Weltrade clients so they can understand and use industry standard design programs and to be able to use them in their business or set up their own packaging files ready for print process.   Who best to attend this course?  Brand owners –marketing teams, communications, or Admin team members.

So over the 5 days’ clients will get use Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and Acrobat so they can set up their own brochures and other artwork for print.

For Illustrator – we will show you how to correctly use the die line we supply, how to bring in your logo, any other industry logos you use and how to work with text.

With Photoshop we will show you a couple of simple techniques to be able to use in your business, like removing the background of a product image, and then compressing for web/social media use. This will help you in your advertising both in print and online.

For Indesign: we will show you how to set up artwork for a print ready flyer such as a DL or A5 flyer.

And lastly Acrobat we will show you how to submit PRINT READY files for the printer – How to use Acrobat to work Collaboratively (showing you how to make comments and mark up your PDF) for your design agency or manager.

Image the time this will save you by just learning a couple of the elements.  One client has had this to say  “Wow I cant wait to mock up what I want before sending to the graphic designer! I cant believe the amount I will be saving with changes now.  Thank you Andrea”

Want to train more than one staff member? Andrea can help you get this training partially covered under the Federal Government’s Up Skilling Program. Email Andrea directly with any questions.